Hi! My name is Kamil and I'm from Poland. I'm saving up for my dreams.

I am a father of two children. My son’s name is Mikołaj and he is currently 7 years old. My daughter, Nela, is 6 years old. My wife’s name is Dorota. We have been married for 8 years. I am 31 years old. I spend most of my free time outside of work searching for additional income, which means that my family has me for only a very short part of each day. After almost five years of living like this (I earn $500 a month at work, which in Poland is barely enough to cover bills and buy food), unfortunately, I know that I cannot spend more years constantly searching for money. The children are growing up, my wife has me less and less, and I feel tired and regretful that I cannot provide my family with proper well-being. I know that there are websites where you can raise funds to fulfill your dreams. I have decided to try this solution with the help of a simple website and the ability to receive donations through PayPal.

What are my dreams?

There are people in the world who earn millions every day. I do not envy them because I know the hard work they had to put in to get there. I also know that money does not always bring happiness. I would like to save up 1 million dollars to fulfill my dreams. The author of this website http://www.milliondollarhomepage.com/ came up with a similar idea. My dream is to buy a family car, something like a VOLVO XC 90 which costs $90,000 in a good configuration in my country. I do not dream of changing cars all the time. Currently, my family has been driving a Ford Mondeo MK3 from 2004 for 10 years. Unfortunately, my job does not allow me to buy a new car. I earn too little. With the remaining money, I would like to buy a small plot of land near the forest and build a small house. A place where I will spend the rest of my life with my family – and invest it in a small business that organizes birthday parties for children and adults. Finally, I would like to lead a simple life free of the fear of running out of money next month or of the day when my family will tell me that they do not need me because I am never there for them (as I am always looking for additional sources of income).

I am an avid fan of collecting mushrooms in the autumn season.

I love collecting mushrooms, I love being in the forest. The silence, peace, and bird songs are something wonderful. You know, I don’t like eating mushrooms? I give them away to my family and friends.

In my free time, I am learning to play the bass guitar on my own.

My biggest idol is Marcus Miller. He is one of the best bassists in the world. I love listening to him in my free time. I even had the chance to attend one of his concerts that took place in Poland.

I work in the customer service department of an online store.

I am passionate about marketing, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and SEO. I have my own blog at kamilrzeznik.pl, but I don’t earn much from it.

On some free weekends, I earn extra money as a party DJ.

It was a cool job, but after several years in the company of entertained (drunk) people, my emotional problems started. I burnt out. I lost my sense of self-worth, and creating an extrovert mask (when I’m actually an introvert) took a toll on my psyche.

Children grow up, and before I know it, they won’t want to spend time with me anymore because they will start their own independent and curious life. I’m afraid that I will break down then. Even now, I have a nervous disorder, I experience strong anxiety attacks, and when I lead parties as a DJ, I have to embody the role of an extrovert. This causes me emotional suffering. I am searching for fulfillment, and even though I’m getting older, I don’t see it on the horizon.

I am an introvert. I love peace, nature, and tranquility. I like to meditate. It helps me get back on my feet and regenerate my body. Due to emotional problems, I recently picked up several titles that helped me understand them to some extent, although they were very difficult to comprehend. These books are:

  • The Resilient Brain by Melanie Greenberg
  • The Worry Trap by David A. Carbonell
  • Neurosis and Human Growth by Karen Horney

The book The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle brought me a lot of relief, and I recommend it to all people with existential problems.


In the evenings, after a full day of work and spending time with my family, I go down to the basement where I have set up an amateur studio for recording videos for YouTube. I have been developing my channel for 2 years. During this time, I have gained 10,000 subscribers, around 2 million views (almost 600 videos), and earned 7,257.92 PLN (Polish currency) from advertising, which is approximately $1,640. The time I have spent creating videos for my channel is around 3,000 hours. When I calculated the earnings from ads, I came to a sad conclusion. I am not available for my family, and even though I do what I love, it doesn’t result in anything good for my loved ones and our financial situation.

Why was this website created?

Since I have lost all hope that any of my ideas will bring good results in the material realm, I am not seeking wealth, but money (yes, I know, a lot of it) that would allow me to build a healthy and safe home in the heart of nature (my dream is to have a house in the woods) for my family, purchase a car, and invest in the development of my business. I would also like to attend cognitive-behavioral therapy to deal with my emotional problems. So, if you want, you can support me with a voluntary donation of even $1. My big goal is $230,000. This money could change my life, the life that we all have only one of.

How did you reach me?

Through advertising on Facebook, which is currently not as expensive in Poland as it may seem. I invested my money earned from YouTube into it. Platforms like GoFundMe do not offer support for Polish users, and it is not possible to create a fundraiser. I have some skills in creating ads, and that’s why you reached out to me.

If you want, you can support me on my journey towards my dreams. I sincerely thank you for reading my story. Thank you so much.

The website has been translated using the Chat GPT tool with a free account (I do not speak English fluently).

In my country, such an undertaking would be met with hate, and that is the last thing I need to completely break down.